Butterfly Draws In The Sky


Subject: Computing


Key Stage: Key Stage 1


Title: Butterfly Etch A Sketch


Description:  This is a simple game made on scratch. Use the arrow keys to move the butterfly up, down, left or right. Use number 1 or 2 to change the pen colour. Use the space bar to move the butterfly without the pen drawing, to get it back on press 1 or 2. To clear the pen drawing use the mouse and click on the butterfly.

Skills: Children will develop their programming skills. It is simple to navigate the butterfly up, down, left or right. Their prediction skills will improve when asking questions such as ‘If I press this arrow which way will the butterfly move?’ Their communication skills would also have to bee good if they are working as a team to play the game.

Taking it Further: The children can experiment with the butterfly. Then they could have to create a certain shape using the arrows.



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