Amys Presentation tools

Here is a photopeach I created on monkeys. It is a slide show with different facts about different types of moneys, with a short quiz at the end consisting of photos of different monkeys, asking to identify them. I would use this resource at the start of an animal related topic. this is because it covers the basic facts on monkeys to give them a general understanding and the short quiz at the end can be used as a way of assessing what the children already know.
The life of a Gorilla on PhotoPeach.

Here is a different way of presenting the powerpoint called spiral. Either works well with a class,, however this one i believe is a little more exciting since it is more unusual.

The life of a Gorilla on PhotoPeach

To take this further, I would ask the class to create one of their own at the end of a topic. I would give them a limit of how many facts and photos to use. These could be done in pairs and then watched as a class. They would not need a quiz at the end, however, if the pairs would like to do this they are able. This is a great resource as due to its simplicity, it is easy for children to extend themselves.

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