Penguin Maths Game



What is The Penguin Maths Game?

The Penguin Maths Game that I invented is intended for a short multiplication game/ quiz that children can try out during lessons. The game is easy to navigate and play with a clear box for answers displayed on the screen. The Penguin Game would be most ideal for the interactive white board which will hopefully encourage children to work together in sharing workings out and answers. Using such a game on the whiteboard can also potentially increase pupil’s confidence in Mathematics as they are able to work together as a class as to individual.

When can The Penguin Maths Game be used?

Only having a total of five multiplication questions, the game would be ideal as a quick starter of a maths lesson as a catch up, brain warm up type activity, or if preferred the game could also alternatively be used at the end of the lesson.

Who can play The Penguin Maths Game?

I also think that this game would be best suited to lower Key Stage 2. The questions will seem challenging to this particular age range, however I believe that the flashing penguin and gingerbread house backdrop will prove to be engaging encouraging the children to want to join in.


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