During the session where we looked into Extending Computing in KS1, I had my first experience of using a Bee-Bot. Then going on to create an activity based around using them in a KS1 setting. As I had only briefly heard of them, I browsed the internet to find out about them. I found a useful PDF ‘Making your classroom buzz with Bee-Bots’ that told me a little bit about them; they are a child friendly device, you can input up to 40 instructions, it has sound and flashing eyes to show instructions have been inputted and many more. It also gives you information about what surfaces Bee-Bots can be used on.

The topic I chose along with Hannah and Dan was Healthy Eating. The idea was to have 100 square on the floor that the Bee-Bot would travel on and questions card would be dotted on a few of the numbers.

At the start, the pupils will be provided with the first set of instructions to programme into the Bee-Bot which will take them to Base 1
When the Bee-Bot gets to the base, a question will be waiting for the children with a multiple choice answer. If they get the answer correct then will get instructions to move forward to the next base but if they get it wrong, it will be instructions to go back to the base before and try again
Towards the end, the question cards will be visible to the pupils, but they need to work out what instructions to programme into the Bee-Bot to get there, making it a little bit more tricky!

The questions would be multiple choice, the children would have to choose which is the healthiest option in order to get the instructions to input into the Bee-Bot to move forward. This could be set up twice and be a little competition within the class.

bee bot

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