Popplet and Padlet App Reviews


The Padlet software allows you to easily produce a collaborative piece, which I think is ideal when you want everyone to share their own ideas, as everyone can see what everyone else has put on there. This a great resource that can be used in the classroom when you want the pupils to find things out about one thing and then learn about what everyone else has been looking at.



-Drag and drop. Auto save.

Instant collaboration

-You can see everyone’s activity on the wall instantly.


-Paste link to a youtube video? Check! Drag a word document from your computer? Check! Take a picture from your iPad camera? Check!


-Keep your wall private between friends. If you like them, give them permissions like the ability to change what you write. If you are the social kind, make a public wall for the whole world to see.


-Your phone, your tablet, your TV. Padlet works on everything.


-Like flexibility? Use the free form layout. Like organization? Use streams


-Fun backgrounds. Happy colors. Gorgeous interface.


-Put the wall on your blog or website. Make it more wonderful.

I personally cannot see any disadvantages of this software, if you find any then let me know!


The Popplet software is a mind mapping software, which allows you to produce collaborative piece or an individual piece. It has many advantages in the classroom…

‘In the classroom and at home, students use Popplet for learning. Used as a mind-map, Popplet helps students think and learn visually. Students can capture facts, thoughts, and images and learn to create relationships between them.’

Popplet has multiple uses in the classroom. It works as a unique brainstorming or organizing tool when students write papers. With the ability to add links and upload videos, students can organize notes for a research paper or present their research findings.  During group research or projects, students can collaborate using Popplet to share their ideas and findings, whether at school or at home.

Popplet is a visual thinking and presentation tool allowing students to collaborate with one another, organize information and present information in the form of a web. Once you create an account with Popplet, you create a popplet, which is a large board to contain your ideas.

You may have up to five popplets at a time. Once you create a popplet, you add popples, boxes of text, videos, pictures, links or drawings, to your popplet. Each popple has a line on each side to drag and connect to other popples.

The only disadvantage (that I can see) is that it costs you after you have had five free popplets…

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