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The Morfo App is available on iPads and Smart phones, it allows you to quickly turn a photo of a face into a “talking, dancing, crazy character!” “Once captured, you can make your friend speak in a silly voice, disco dance, wear make up, sport a pair of huge green cat eyes, suddenly gain 300lbs, and more.  Morfo also comes with six fun, ready-made characters that you can play with right away.  Feeling creative? You can try Morfo on people, pets, or just about any object you can think of.  Ever wonder what your cat might look like six times heavier and wearing, say, clown make up?  Morfo can show you!  Now want to see him rocking out to crazy speed metal? Done!  Unleash your diabolical imagination on those photos.”

I personally think that this app is a great way to gain the children’s attention when using a significant famous figure from either the past or the current time and bringing them to life.


Sock Puppets:

The Sock Puppet app allows you to create your own lip-synched video in which you can save and share. You can add lots of different puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds and start creating straight away. As soon as you hit the record button the puppets will automatically lip-synch to your voice.

I personally loved the app and me and my group had a great time playing around and using the app, we were able to see what the app could do and what the advantages and disadvantages were. I loved the fact that the app automatically changed the sound of your voice according to which character/sock puppet you had picked. Overall it was a very easy app to use and get along with, however we noticed that it picks up all of the background sounds and therefore you need to be in a really quite room where only one person is talking at a time. In addition it is quite hard to remember to click on each character before you speak,this means that you could get the wrong character to say the wrong thing. However this can be resolved by re-recording the video before saving it.

When looking at how to use the Sock Puppet app in the classroom, I came across the following website: only does it have information on apps that are suitable in the classroom, it also includes ideas as to how to use them in the classroom and other resources that are available.

From looking at the information it has on the Sock Puppet app, it seems that it includes a step by step guide as to how to use it to its full advantage and it also gives information that relates to how you can use it in the classroom.

– Class with apps, Sock Puppets

“Sock Puppets provide each student with a stage to perform. Students can learn conversation skills and re-create stories they read. The Socks automatically animate to the voice of each student, making the app easy to use for several grades. This app is great for students to create performances on their own or to work together in pairs. When creating a puppet show, each student will choose their puppets, place, and props.”

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