Photo Peach

Photo Peach is a very simple piece of software which allows you to create a quiz. It allows you to input a variety of pictures and quiz questions into so that it can be used to test children’s knowledge of a certain topic. This will allow teachers to assess the effectiveness of their teaching as children should know the answers to the questions. If children struggle with them, this will provide teachers with the knowledge that they need to revisit a certain area of the topic. It is also a great way to assess children’s progress and allows for targets to be created from this.

Below we have created a Photo Peach based on the 6 keys religions and their symbols within RE. This would be used with the children as a consolidation activity once all 6 religions have been taught. It can be used as a great revision technique to prepare for an individual assessment which may follow at a later date.

This not only can be used for RE lessons, it can be used for any other subject or topic within the curriculum. We believe that this is a great piece of software which can be used effectively within lessons, whether that be for starters, plenaries, assessment purposes etc.

Created by Katie Webb and Jade Dawson

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