For those of you who are unfamiliar with Animoto, it is  a software that allows you to create videos using pictures, text and music. The software has a selection of designs for you to select the one of your choice. You can then add in images and text and place in any order that you would like.

Animoto is something that can be used to introduce children to a new topic, or even as a summary at the end of a topic. As a teacher you could also incorporate this into your lessons by allowing the children to use this themselves. They could create their own video using the information that they have found out from their own research and present this back to the rest of the class. They could also use this software at the end of a topic to summarise what they have learnt. This can be linked with any subject so it is great for cross-curricular links.

But, the point that you need to get across to the children is internet safety; making sure that the information that they are looking for on the internet is appropriate. Therefore, you could possibly write some appropriate websites up on the whiteboard so that they get their content from there instead.

We have created two Animoto videos to share with you, the first looks at introducing you to bonfire night and Guy Fawkes.

The second one looks at Chanukkah (the Jewish festival of lights), this is a great resource to introduce the festival to the children.

Created by Katie Webb and Jade Dawson  

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