Using Lego Wedo- showing what you can achieve

This resource by Hannah, Peter and Jess looks at what can be achieved and shows the final product with using Lego wedo.

Focus: Using physical Computing to create an object or something and in this case a lion.

Suitable for: Key stage 1 and 2

What you can do:  Logo wedo allows children to make a variety of different things such as animals by following on screen instructions. To use with children this would have to be split over a number of lessons. When the children have built what they want they can  programme their creation to move and also make a sound, again following the on screen instructions to do so.

Advantages of using Lego wedo:

  • Will make computing sessions fun for children especially the boys
  • Very easy to use
  • Give examples for what the children can make
  • Has easy online instructions for the children to follow
  • Cross curricular links to design technology as the children are designing something using a focused practical task

The video below shows a final product of what can be made using Lego wedo and shows the potential of what could be achieved.


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