Storytelling using Puppet Pals: The Gingerbread Man

A version of the Gingerbread Man retold through Puppet Pals

This Puppet Pal version of the Gingerbread Man can be used to introduce the story in literacy to develop children’s story sequencing skills.. The children could create their own characters of who the gingerbread man meets along the way.



Suitable For:

Across Ks1 and Ks2

What you need:

ipad, storybooks

What you do:

Introduce Puppet Pals to the class, let the children explore the app and become familiar with it. Children to choose a storybook and to work in pairs. Discuss/map put the story map, the characters, the setting, the beginning, middle and ending etc.

The learning benefits:

  • Teamwork – working in pairs
  • Develop their ICT skills
  • Learn language and develop their literacy
  • Increase their creativity
  • Develop story sequencing skills

Taking it further:

On taking it further the children could add music to their Puppet Pal or even create their own story.


By Naz Fojdar (Early Years Year 2 (2013)
















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