Ancient Olympics Fact File

Teaching History while making it interesting is something not every teacher manages to do. So in a session that combined History Specialists with computing resources, we created a series of potential resources that could be used to aid in completing this goal. Together, myself and Stephanie Rice created the resource below to serve as an example of what you can create using the Comic Life app, although any comic creator could be used.

olympic fact file

This resource is intended to act as sort of fact file about a particular subject, in this case the focus is on the Ancient Greek Civilization. A way you could use it in lessons is either you have the children work in small groups and produce a page for the fact file, focusing upon a single aspect of what you’re looking at in the lesson. For instance if you were looking at battles of Ancient Greece, each group would create a page on a different battle, including tactics, weapons, who they battled, and the outcome. Over the course of the topic, which could last roughly about a half term; the fact file would be built up producing a booklet that can be used by the class that created it as well as future classes

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