Programming fun with Lego Wedo

Lego Wedo is a brilliant physical programming tool, for use in the classroom. It uses both computer programming software similar to scratch and physical lego construction to produce a moving masterpiece.

How it works: Well to begin with you need to have access to the Lego Wedo construction kit. I will admit they are not cheap and so not all schools will have them. But once you see the success of them you will want to purchase them!

Firstly, the children need to decide on what they would like to create. Once they have chosen they can follow the onscreen instructions as to how to build their chosen piece. After they have built their piece they need to make sure it is connected to the computer via the usb cable, provided in the construction kit.

Lego Wedo Sailor and Boat.

Lego Wedo Sailor and Boat.

Next they need to start the programming. The Lego Wedo programme provides an example of the correct code needed, and the children then need to drag the correct pieces in place to create the code (just like in Scratch).

The coding programme for Lego Wedo.

The coding programme for Lego Wedo.

Finally, once the piece is built and the correct code in place click play and your piece should move and even make sounds! Below is a video of our final creation, that will hopefully give you an idea of how they work.

Lego Wedo is very appropriate for all of Key Stage 2, in both the whole class setting as well as in extracurricular clubs.Getting the whole class in pairs to be creative in designing their pieces, will give all of them fun and the feeling of accomplishment when they finish it (and hopefully they all will, as it is so straightforward to use and understand). However, I would highly recommend Lego Wedo for use in extracurricular groups for either those who are interested in computing or the gifted and talented who need extending in their programming knowledge. I say this because schools are only likely to have a handful of construction kits and so Lego Wedo would only suit the use of small group work.

Lego Wedo could be used in Key Stage 1, but only for the advanced and gifted and talented in computing. The children are likely to need supervision and help in completing the whole process.

Lego Wedo is also brilliant for cross-curricular learning. The main two areas are computing and construction in Design and Technology. Other areas could include Maths and english. Where they might have to draw an accurately measured plan of their piece and write instructions for how they went about creating their piece. The opportunities are endless!

I hope this has been helpful and is something that you might be interested in using in your classroom. For further information from Lego Wedo themselves, follow this link Lego Wedo.

I worked cooperatively with Georgia Geary and Helen Lewis, in creating out Lego Wedo Creation.

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