Create a fortune teller using Raspberry Pi

Suzanne and I worked together to create a FORTUNE TELLING program using the Python 3 software incorporated within the RASPBERRY PI.

The RECIPE CARD for this program can be downloaded from Geek Gurl Diaries (which is endorsed by CAS) at the following link:

Geek Gurl Diaries Recipe Card

The program has to be carefully input, but is simple to follow and allows for children to add their own variables or “fortunes”.  Once completed, when you run the program, the player types in a colour of their choice and receives their fortune based on the colour they have chosen.

Suzanne Turvey's photo.

We consider the best use of the Raspberry Pi would be in an exploratory after school computing club for KS2 students or in a “Raspberry Jam” for G&T students.  There are numerous add ins and software options the students can explore to fully exploit the possibilities of the Pi.

The Geek Gurl Diaries positively promotes technology and encourage teenagers, especially girls to be creative with it and give things a go.  There are numerous lessons available on You-Tube via the diary that may be suitable to use with older KS2 and/or G&T students.

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