The Rainbow Fish- Storymaker!

This is what myself and Sophie created using Storymaker based on the book the Rainbow Fish:

Firstly, Storymaker ( has many resources that can be used in Powerpoint. I think this is a good idea as Powerpoint is accessible to everyone that has access to a computer or laptop. It is really easy to use and because the there is limited media this means that is not overwhelming for young children to use. However, for rotating images or adding speech bubbles children may need adult support.
Once the story has been finished it can be uploaded to Slideshare, this way it can be accessed by the children at home with parents or carers. It also provides a embed code so if the school has a class blog this is really handy way of putting powerpoint into the blogs.
Storymaker has many different resources to use and it just a case of exploring to find which ones work best. Me and Sophie chose the Rainbow Fish as this could be a main topic and children creating their own story using Rainbow Fish characters could be an activity. Also, as a teacher, like the story we have made, it can be used to discuss problems or issues that children may have and that are struggling emotionally.
By Charlotte Barrasso and Sophie Milne.

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