Early Years: Animation.

During the session, we learnt about animation and explored how to create our own. Below is a animated video which I created myself:

My chosen topic for this animation was growth and I thought that this could be used in the classroom as a introduction to the topic or to show children and excite them to make their own. However, this can be developed further by children growing their own plants and documenting through pictures when it starts to grow to make a real life animation rather than play-doh version. This video could be adapted to include what plants need to grow and to use it as introduction to children planting the seeds of their plants and to teach them what plants  need to grow.

To make this video I used: play-doh, paper, camera, MovieMaker and YouTube. There are other resources to make the animation however I used Movie Maker which was quick and simple to use and allowed me to add in music. Movie Maker also has a link so that the video can be uploaded straight to YouTube and automatically changes the file type to allow it to work on YouTube without having to manually do it myself. I basically added all the pictures into the correct order to allow the animation to flow, MovieMaker allows you to add music and text if needed. It also allows you to speed up or slow down the animation, so it is down to personal preference. You can also narrate the video yourself but you will need access to a mic.

Here is a screenshot of MovieMaker:


It is really easy to use and has everything you need to create a movie. As the layout is clear and easy to navigate it is straight forward to use.

By Charlotte Barrasso.

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