Make Dice Lite

The app allows you to create dice with different words on each face of the dice. You can have as many dice as you wish. Then by moving your ipad, the dice will roll around and eventually stop. These can then be used as a starting point.

The dice could help children to begin writing a story, as it could give them the characters, the setting etc. (especially useful for those children who say “I don’t know what to write about“)

I feel that using this simple app makes giving out topics that little bit more exciting, totally random and very fair. Obviously if a group has the dice land on the exact same things, then you can get the children to roll the dice again. The draw back is that there are 36 options (for a 2 dice combination) and it can make it difficult if there were specific things you wanted children to research.

When creating the dice, it is the simplest thing ever! The template is automatically there, you select a colour and type in each box. You then just have to press the + sign to add a new dice – couldn’t be simpler or quicker!


Created by Jade Dawson and Katie Webb

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