Computing in KS2 – Scratch

Subject: Computing

Key Stage: KS2

Contributors: Scott Lagdon and Dimitra Nomikos

You could use this game as a starter to a computing session when you are introducing the children to Scratch. All of the children could have a few minutes to play it so they have an example of the sort of games they should be producing during their time using Scratch. This should get them instantly hooked and interested to find out more about computer programming.

When the children get more advanced with using Scratch, you could get them to produce games with cross curricular links that their friends could play. Eg. Catching the correctly numbered animal as a solution to a maths calculation.

This was a simple game that was created by following the instructions on a code club sheet. These sheets are really easy to follow which makes them great to use with children. The instructions show what programming sequences should be present and are colour coded, so it is easy to find what commands you need to sequence. Also, the instructions stop at regular intervals to tell you what should be happening at that stage when you test your game. We both really liked this feature because if you had made a mistake or missed something out, it could be identified and changed without impacting upon the rest of the programming process. Overall, we would definitely recommend using the code club instruction sheets, as they are easy to follow and help you to identify mistakes.

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