Internet safety!

Subject: E-safety

Key Stage: Year 1/2 or above.

Title: Internet Safety

Idea: Create a video to display rules for using the internet.

Based on the a previous session we looked at the importance of children knowing about how to be safe on the internet. Therefore, we had to create a way of displaying rules to children. I decided to make a video using Videoscribe, which was really easy to use and children can also use it too. The video I created is below:

I used videoscribe to make this short video, which I think it quite effective. It is very simple to use and clearly laid out. The good thing about videoscribe is that you can use their pictures or put in your own. Also, you can voice over your video however if children use this they may need adult guidance. Videoscribe can be used to make introduction videos to topics, lesson recap or to simply inform children.

Contributor: Charlotte Barrasso

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