Exploring and using data

Key stage 1

In today’s lesson we were learning and understanding how to explore and use data through programs on a computer or apps on the iPad, to use in an early years setting. I used the program ‘Pictogram creator’ to create my graph. My graph was based on the state of the weather each day.To use this in a lesson I would ask the children at the beginning of the day what they thought the weather was like, whether it was sunny, raining, snowing, windy or cloudy.Then as a class we would decide which one and put a point in the chart so by the end of the week there would be seven points altogether.

Once the week would be over, we could then use this graph as a starting point for a new topic on weather. We would discuss together which weather occurred the most and why, depending on when this graph was taken. If this chart was taken in winter we would then base a lesson on the month of winter, finding out information on what the weather will be like, what animals you could find in winter seasons and what festivals are celebrated. This could then be done similarly for summer.

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