Layering apps to create an e-story

I used a combination of ‘Story Maker’, PowerPoint presentation software, with theĀ ‘Book Creator for iPad’ app to create the e-book below. This involved me taking photographs, uploading them in the correct order and editing them by adding drawn animations using the ‘Book Creator for iPad’ app. I then took screenshots of the pages from my e-book, transferring them into ‘Story Maker’ and using the audio recorder to add in the narrative of the story, therefore using ‘speech-to-text’. I liked using a combination of photographs and drawn animations, as I felt this created a lovely visual effect. I also liked audio recording the narrative rather than using written text. I think this would be an accessible activity for children in the classroom, however it may be better to use one programme rather than combining the two as it was quite time consuming to do this and children may become demotivated.

Charlie’s story



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on “Layering apps to create an e-story
One Comment on “Layering apps to create an e-story
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