Computer Programming in the Classroom

During our second session of ICT we looked at computer programming within the classroom.

We had to think of ideas on how we could introduce programme away from the computer (unplugged activities), on the computer (plugged activities) and consider real life application.

We used the idea of directional programming as a theme.

For the unplugged activity we though it would be a good idea to get the children to work in pairs with one directing the other to a certain location within the classroom or outside navigating around objects.

For the plugged activity we used the software 2simple DIY Maze to create a directional game. This involved creating a maze by putting up blocks, selecting an avatar, creating obstacles and setting up collection points. We also had to write instructions for the user on how to navigate the game.

Here is a link to the Treasure Catcher Game

Here is a link to the Forest Maze Game

In terms of application to the real world, we felt it would be appropriate to get the children to design and create their own map showing visitors and new students the location of different places within the vicinity of the school. They could work in partners and give directions to each other on how to get to specific locations on their map. They could use real maps of the area to help them and compare their own map when completed with this. This has clear links with Geography.

These ideas were created collaboratively by Gillian Latter and Jessica Herbert.




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on “Computer Programming in the Classroom
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