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This is a comic strip which we did using the comic life app.

Download a Word copy of this post here: Comic Life


To re-tell the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ using the camera and apps.

Suitable for

Key Stage One or Two.

What you need

  • Comic life app (£2.99)
  • Story sack from the Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • Ipad
  • Green sheet for grass

What you do

Set up the scene with green grass, a bridge and the goats. Take a photo of the title for the comic book story. Next, photograph the first ‘scene’ in the story using the camera on the Ipad and add it onto the app. Then, use the speech bubbles to add text to the picture to re-tell the story. Continue this with different photos until the story is told.

Learning benefits

  • children are able to create a story alone
  • Uses Dramatic skills as they are reacting the story
  • Practices role play with the characters
  • Helps children with their confidence of creating something on the IPAD
  • Further improves ICT skills
  • Opportunity to practice talk through re-telling a story
  • Gives opportunity to be creative with a story

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