Ebook made on Book Creator on the Ipad

plastic peg by mark fairley

I decided to try the Book Create program on the ipad. A very easy to use program, it allows you to create a picture book with images, video and sound from the ipads collection, so you need to create a bank of media you want to use before you make the book. Sound can be added on later. Children will find it very easy to use, and is ideal for creating tales, but also for producing interesting science reports, as the audio commentary would be a great feature to compliment images. Very simple to use, with just four or five commands, or options that do everything, then it can be uploaded to the ipads ebook collection, or exported as an ebook or pdf, but this will need to be done through a file share program such as dropbox. The ebook can be viewed on a PC in your browser if you have an ebook add-on, Firefox have a free one.

Mark Fairley


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