What to wear with weather.

We have created a quiz presentation aimed at early years Reception children, to help gain understanding with the appropriate clothes to wear in the different weather conditions.

This links to the EYFS- PSED personal, social and emotional development area of being confident to speak to others about own needs, wants, interests and opinions 40 – 60 months.
Understanding the world – looks closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change. 40 – 60 months.

This is possible to use in a wider curriculum, and is easily adapted to different age groups.

We made the presentation on photo peach – http://photopeach.com/home

The presentation was easy to make. We started by setting up an account, we then uploaded our own photos which we found from google images. We then clicked the add quiz button and made up appropriate questions (these can be changed depending on the age group). We decided that as this was going to be aimed at reception children having the answers written would not be accessible so we decided to add a photo of the correct answer displaying after the slide with the questions on. We then added music and a timer and the presentation was finished.

By Megan, Jenny and Sophie.

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