Life in the safari

Subject: Animals

Key stage – Early years foundation stage and Key stage 1


To introduce the children to the concept of short stories, using images. To think about how to finish the story off using different classroom techniques. Children to create their own short stories using a similar layout.

What we did

We created this resource using the pic collage app. As a group we created a basic story with small world animals. We left the story open ended as we felt this could then be used within the classroom as a stimuli for group conversation, an extension of small world play or for story writing.

Key questions 

When using this resource we considered some key questions which could be used to further children’s learning. These included:

  • How do you think the animals felt?
  • How would you feel?
  • What do you think the lion wanted?

Further learning 

To progress on from this activity children could be encouraged to use the app to create their own short stories, they could do this by either using small world, themselves or the environment. These stories could then be peer reviewed by others.

Contributed: Lindsey, Marlene, Sarah and Serena


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