QR Code treasure hunt: park campus


For children to use QR codes successfully in order to complete the treasure hunt. To learn about the new environment that they are in.


Any children or adults who are getting to know a new environment.

What you need

Print the pages here: (Treasure hunt around park campus) and place them in the recommended areas. Each group will need an ipad/ ipod touch with the app ‘scan’.

What you do

Children will be given a task and will have to use the QR codes and devices to get to the final point and receive the prize.  Start by giving children the first code and letting them follow the clues. Have a prize ready for children for when they finish the treasure hunt.

Learning Benefits

Becoming more familiar with ICT devices

Following directions

Can be linked to other areas of the curriculum/topics

Can be used for instructions eg. Within a science or DT activity, scan the code to find out what to do next.


Alice Dickins and Hannah Worrell


on “QR Code treasure hunt: park campus
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  4. Hi Alice and Hannah, I have never used QR codes before but after reading your ideas I think it is something I would like to try. Although I expect it maybe tricky for some children to understand the concept around QR codes I can see that it would work well. After this initial activity, the children could work in groups, to design their own QR codes. Then each of the groups could try to follow the instructions. This activity would link across the curriculum.

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