The Autumn Season Encyclopedia

An encyclopedia of resources that can be used with children in the early years based around the autumn season.

Key Stage: Early Years

Title: Autumn Season

Activities: Autumn Season = a link to the word document detailing the resources we have created. Activities include iPad apps such as Pic Collage and Brushes as well as resources created using the website Purple Mash. These activities can be used straight away or further activities can be created to suit your group of children.

Useful Links: = a link to the activity village and their autumn resources. = a link to a YouTube video showing the picture created by Kat and Ellen on the iPad app Brushes. = a link to the purple mash website and their autumn  resources where Tracey created her resources from.

Contributors: Rachael Aris, Tracey Box, Kat De-Lara and Ellen Abbott



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