Pic Colage

Above is what me, Rajan and Dave created in last weeks IT lesson using the Pic Collage App for iPad.

Focus: Geography


  • Recognise flags from around the world and name the countries that they belong to. 
  • Recognise iconic images from capital cities and name the city

Suitable for: Upper key stage 2

What you need: iPad’s/laptops to view the collage.

What you do: Pupils should match the image to the country it is from, then note what city the image is from and decide if it is the capital of the country.

Learning benefits: This activity enables the learner to gain a wider understanding of the world by knowing some capital cities of important countries.

Taking it further: This activity could be used as a starter to get the pupils thinking about capital cities, which could lead onto a project of comparing the schools nearest town or city to another place from around the world.

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