Computing progression EY’s to KS2

This is a progression series as opposed to specific lesson plans. The ideas given are to support curriculum planning to ensure progression is taking place.

Create a progressions series to support children to:

‘•Understand what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital devices; and that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions.
• Create and debug simple programs
•Use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs’

Early Years to beginning of KS2 progression.

What you need
Beebots, Beebot map, torch, remote control car, maze equipment, digger beebot, ‘2 go’ on purple mash, Daisy the dinosaur iPad app, ‘Beebot’ computer software, Beebot iPad app, Scratch, Lego wedo.

What you do
The progression order that we have created is:

Simon Says- understanding instructions
Torch- simple button
Remote control car- using more than one button
Beebot- beginning to use the beebot
Beebot and map- navigating the beebot around the map
Beebot maze- navigating the beebot through a maze
2 go- blank page to practice using the program
2 go- navigating around the race track using the car
Beebot app- beginning to move the beebot using buttons on an electronic device
Daisy dinosaur- using and providing instructions to control the dinosaur
Beebot computer software- slightly more complicated than beebot app
Lego wedo- allowing the user to program the lego to respond to certain actions
Scratch- To begin with just use the software, then to explore how it was created and alter it

Learning benefits

The learning benefits of using these programs allow the child to meet the expected learning outcome as outlined above. It allows the child to do this through using both real resources and then moving onto the iPads, followed by the computer.  The programming software also becomes more technical using correct vocabulary throughout the progressions series.


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