‘Lost Craig’, using Puppet Pals app on the iPad

Lost Craig (click this for the link)


Puppet Pals


Make a creative story using a range of characters and settings.


Suitable for:

Key Stage 1 & 2


What you need:

Puppet Pals app (free)  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/puppet-pals-hd/id342076546



What you do:

Take pictures of the scenes and characters that you wish to include in your story. Then open the app and when creating characters crop the photo to only include the person. Once you have chosen all the characters (up to 6) and scenes (up to 5) you are ready to create the video. Press the red button to record and press pause when you want to change between scenes or are not ready for the next part of recording. Once you have created the video it will be saved to the app. From the app you’re able to export to your library and then share.


Learning benefits:

Enables creativity through storytelling and developing listening and speaking skills.


Taking it further:

You can create additional stories, you can also role play the stories in groups and you can expand on the characters by ‘hot seating’ or retelling the stories from different points of view.

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