Time to spell!

‘Spellasaur’ is an application that supports spelling for children within the Early Years.

What do I need?

It can be accessed here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/spellosaur/id461007342?mt=8. It is a free app, which requires no log in or sign up in order to use, once downloaded. However, you can upgrade for a ‘better’ version.

How is it used?

I started using the app by clicking ‘add words’. The app allows you to add your own words, and there is no limit on length. The app will then read the words out to the user.

Level 1: Listen and Chose

The children listen to the word, and chose the word to match.




Level 2: Complete the Word

The children are read a word, and must complete the word on the screen by adding the correctmissing letters.

Level 3: Unscramble the Word

A word is read out, and the children must form the word from the scrambled letters on the screen, by dragging onto a line.




Level 4: Spell the Word
The children are read the word, and must spell it from the letters on the QWERTY keyboard.



3 Stars

  • The app uses an English accent, with correct pronunciation of phonemes to support children’s development within phonics.
  • Reinforces chosen words, and can be used over several sessions
  • The children progress up several levels, and their progress can be seen on the side of the screen

1 wish

  • To chose any level without having to go through them all 1 by 1
Overall, an effective application which can be used with different ages and ability, as it can be personalised for any children.



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