iPads in Education @ Silverstone Study Centre

As most of us are aware iPads can have a huge impact on creative and digital learning in Education. Silverstone Study Centre host interesting and inspiring courses held at the Circuit to demonstrate innovative ways that educators can engage pupils in digital learning. A few apps/web apps that I became aware of, after an engaging day at the circuit, which may be useful for creative educators include: Near Pod, Auryn Ink, Phyzios Sculpture and Kids Paint. There are fantastic art apps around which offer a new sensory and digital art experience for pupils, however it is also important  to remember the learning taking place through engagement with these and to consider how they can be used in conjunction with, not as a replacement for other artistic methods. Teachers: I invite you to share any innovative ideas you have of how you have united apps and the arts in education.

PGCE students at The University of Northampton used the app pic collage to experiment with digital photography outside the classroom exploring modes of perception to engage with the natural world through art and design. There is huge potential here to explore the formal elements of art: line, tone, colour, texture and pattern through photography with children.