Learning outside the classroom!

An inspiring event: creativity and education united.

Working with PGCE students to create art outside the classroom led to truly divergent thinking! Inspired by the natural environment the students engaged with their surroundings, a local park, to link art across the curriculum; demonstrating just how accessible it is to provide truly inspirational and rich learning experiences for children outdoors. Students experimented with diverse ways of looking and engaging with nature using mirrors, viewfinders, iPads, their own bodies and artistic materials to explore the world in a new way. As a result sculptural forms were created and a collaborative installation depicting hanging creations from the day combined with thoughtful reflections on the experience produced. The final piece titled, ‘Perception tree’ demonstrates the creativity and reflexivity of our next generation of teachers while valuing the importance of the process of learning and reflection in art and design education. ┬áThank you to all participants!