VOCES8 Perform at the Stahl Theatre, Oundle.

An evening of exquisite a cappella was experienced by many at the Stahl theatre in Oundle last night. As a new appreciator of VOCES8 I was astounded by the groups ability to create artistic mastery through vocal exploration. Each number evoked a diverse emotional and cognitive  response, leaving the audience to contemplate their own imagination inspired by sound. Drawing on a range of musical genres VOCES8 demonstrated the power of the human voice to create exquisite works of art;  this heightened my awareness of valuing the importance of sound experimentation as a necessary aspect of art education with the students and pupils which I teach. I am sure this ethos is shared by VOCES8 themselves who collaborated with students from Oundle School to create musical innovations. May I invite people to comment on their participation in any musical collaborations uniting practice in the arts and education to enable practitioners of the future to understand the benefits of this process for all participants.

Many thanks VOCES8 for opening my eyes to a range of musical possibilities.