Rebecca Heaton on Art and Design Education

Investigating cognition in the creative arts.


The purpose of this blog is to document my role as an art educator, it attempts to capture the multifaceted role drawing on identities such as artist, teacher and researcher. Whilst blogging I hope to provide you, the audience, with a truthful experience sharing my thinking and ultimately cognition behind the experiences I have.

At present I am studying for a doctorate in education at Cambridge University, I am doing this part time alongside my full-time role as Senior Lecturer in Art and Design Education at Northampton University and curriculum lead for art and design. Within my doctorate I am researching the cognition of art educators, exploring what cognition means to this group of individuals whilst trying to track my own cognition through the process of auto-ethnography. I am using this blog as a platform to document the experiences I encounter, attempting to tease out a discursive understanding of my own cognitive experiences.

Whilst exploring my own cognition and practice as an art educator a number of research themes are emerging in which I have a particular interest these include social justice art education, digital developments in art education, visual culture and the role of the artist teacher researcher. I also have a particular interest in arts based research methods and the process of ethnography. The clip below shares some of my practice and thoughts about designing an art curriculum with change maker principles at the core. You can also access a list of my publications by following this link.