Engagements that matter?

  Reflecting back on my previous post, exploring the Diamond 9 ranking activity in which my first year students participated, led to a Wonderland of philosophical and Political rabbit holes.  This post, in starting to question why and which engagements matter, attempts to make some of those rabbit holes a little more familiar and consider how […]

January update – focus group analysis

  The focus of this January post is to report back on the student focus groups held just before the Winter break; structured around a Diamond 9 ranking activity. The majority of the cohort participated in the focus group, and their discussions and sorting were video recorded (voices, hands and cards in video only) before […]

Post 2: Emerging themes and focus group planning

Making sense of emerging themes has been the key feature of this project on student engagements during November. This image tweeted by @RacePhil of Dr Morgan’s presentation to the SEDA conference (15/11/2019) caught my eye because the pinch points she flags before studies and during year one parallel those appearing in my students’ data. Of […]

October 2019 – Introductory first post

Welcome to the first blog post for this project on student engagements. The stated aims for the project (as submitted in the bid application) are: Looking at the entire level 4 2019 student intake for a single programme, student experience and ‘engagement’ will be comprehensively mapped and explored. This project will look beyond the ‘what’ […]