Popplet is a great application to make medium term planning more visual. As you can share it on Facebook or Twitter it is useful for sharing information with parents. It would also be really accessible for children who could develop their own Popplets when planning new topics. During the process of developing theme or topic based medium term plans, involving children themselves can result in more innovative teaching strategies, ideas or resources (Alexander and Flutter, 2009). Consequently children would be more motivated to engage in the learning process, as the plans would have been driven from their individual interests (Potter, 2008). Theme based planning can be an interactive process which improves the relationship between students and teachers. This can be aligned with the theory of John Dewey who viewed teachers as collaborators as opposed to authority figures (Dewey, 1956).

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  1. This sounds like a great idea that I would love to try. Medium term planning always seems so daunting and I have never thought about how I could share it with the parents.

    • Popplet is quite simple to use as well. Having not looked at it for quite a while it only took about 10 minutes to dust of the keyboard and create a new Popplet. Its environmentally friendly too as think of all the paper and printing we could save!

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