Final reflections…


Integrating art, music and ICT can be used to develop effective, innovative and creative practice in the early years. The beauty of doing so is that children can do things that they could not normally do. It opens up new opportunities such as what would happen if you undo, rub out and start again. For mess-phobic practitioners and parents alike, combining ICT and art offers a ‘clean’ art experience. This should not mean that there should be fewer opportunities for sensory messy play, which are valuable for early leaning and development. On the contrary ICT can enhance and develop such experiences further as I have come to learn throughout the sessions during this module. ICT and creativity go hand in hand.

On a personal note not only I have thoroughly enjoyed the interactive and lively sessions but I feel that I have developed many new skills along the way. However despite my positive engagement I have not implemented or incorporated as many of the inspirational ideas into my practice as I would have liked to for a myriad of reasons. One overriding factor has been time…the plethora of apps, software programmes or websites we have been signposted too has been useful but not having the time to actively explore and play about with them has impacted upon my confidence to actually implement them in practice. Also limited access to ICT resources, during school experiences, have hampered my best efforts. When entering into my next school experience I will endeavour to conduct an ICT audit of resource to establish how to integrate ICT into my practice. This could be as simple as combining the use of the photocopiers, laminators, digital cameras, scanners, OHPs, or Pixies to name but a few.

I am by no means an expert in this area but I do recognise that this is a subject that I need to develop further because of the opportunities ICT can present. I have also come to realise what a useful tool blogging can be, particularly in sharing best practice and communicating with not only other practitioners but because it has the potential develop effective communication with parents. Who knows what the future will hold but what I do know is that there is a whole lot more for me to experience in terms of conquering the digital world.

To be continued…

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