Fun with clay…

Session 6: Technology enhanced learning and early years art

Fun with clay...



During a session exploring digital literacy we created a character out of clay which could be incorporated into a digital media project for children in the EYFS.

The pictures represent a potential scene or page from a book which could be used to support literacy development. During the session it was great to be able to explore the clay. There is so much more to clay than just making coil pots! Often in early years malleable materials are used to support many different areas of learning so it was valuable to gain an insight into the progression of using clay. Joining up the printmaking and the clay gave the experience not only a more creative dimension but you could see how useful this would be at stimulating discussions with children and enabling them to make their own stories come alive.

Whilst I really engaged with the practical aspects of this session I did find the technological aspects more challenging. As an ‘Ipad novice’ I did find it tricky to access the apps to create the i-book. I am fully aware of the need and indeed the value of incorporating ICT into my practice. However, due to time constraints, which I am in no doubt that every other trainee teacher experiences, not having the luxury of the time to explore and ‘play’ with the plethora of apps that are available is disappointing.


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  1. Our little gingerbread man, this was a brilliant session learnt lots of new things although not had the chance to implement them but cannot wait until I can.

    • It looks great doesn’t it? I did saltdough in Foundation 2. We made hedgehogs and to make the dough brown I added cocoa powder. As you can imagine the children quite liked sniffing it and no one nibbled! It was great as you could see the stages of working with clay, i.e. pinching and rolling. I think imagination tree has some great ideas for playdough so check it out!

  2. can’t believe what you can create with clay, that gingerbread looks amazing, i missed that session which was a shame but I might try and recreate something similar on my placement.

    • I would love to take the credit for Gingey but it was Lynne and Emily who actually made him. I did the blue back ground!! I made that by using a print technique using rollers and cutting out images from card. It was a good session as it was nice wot work with people i’d not worked with before. Clay is really easy to work with so I am sure with a bit of practice we could all rustle up something as impressive. Coil pots are a good starting point.
      Thanks for your comment!

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