Badgers bath….

As part of a story telling session I provided an opportunity for the children to add music to a familiar story ‘Badgers Bath’ by Nick Butterworth. The leaning objectives were for children to explore sounds and to use their imagination. Children were familiar with the names of and how to use the instruments. I introduced vocabulary relating to sound qualities of the instruments e.g. harsh, ringing, dull. I then encouraged the children to think of a sound effect for certain parts of the story. After retelling the story, we discussed where and how we could add music. The children then chose instruments to demonstrate their ideas. I then re-told the story with the children joining in and adding the sound effects. This was not only an effective way to assess how well the children knew the story but also if they could recount the main events, which they were all able to do. The children demonstrated positive aspects of personal, social and emotional aspects of development by being interested, excited, and motivated to take part. They also had to work as part of a group, taking turns and sharing the instruments fairly. In regard to communication and language development this was an opportunity for them to listen and follow instructions whilst developing a love of with stories and music. The children were able to suggest some suitable instruments for sound effects and some were able to justify their choices.

Badgers bath

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