Moving to the next stage of the project

Our next stage is relating to pedagogy, refinement of the materials into a finished resource pack.  It’s time to welcome our 3rd team member, Rob Farmer, who is going to help us make the materials into an open-access resource pack. Yesterday we had our first meeting to discuss the details , such as options of resource pack format, creating extra supporting materials. Here are what we need to do:

  •  Finalise the materials and prepare extra supporting materials, eg. session notes to guide potential users how to use the materials (Qian & Dave)
  •  Polish and prepare the materials to meet the publishing standard. Ensure the materials are accessible to all, including people with disabilities who cannot hear audio or see video (Dave)
  • The project team will follow the University of Northampton data management policy and principles.

We are looking forward to sharing what we’ve done so far at the T & L conference.