Material development

We had a long meeting at the beginning of this term and it was very productive. 

  • We decided the main session topics based on our research and the analysis of video clips
  • We agreed on general principles of activities design
  • We divided materials development tasks
  • I have received confirmation from the Pre-sessional course leader that we can pilot our materials with our current pre-sessional students 

One of the advantages of working in a small project team (at moment just Dave and I. Rob will join us at next stage) is being flexible and be able to respond quickly. We don’t have to spend a lot of time on organising meetings. For example, this morning we had a quick telephone conversation about our progress and more important we shared a couple of ideas we came up since we met last week. Sometimes it is easy to talk about things rather than writing an email. Dave is very good at sharing ideas. 

We plan to meet up next week and go through the materials we have developed. So I will update after our next meeting.