Session 5: Images and Animation: curriculum applications

We hope you had fun making animations last week.  You threw yourselves into it and produced some super short films. Looking over the blogs, many of you also thought about how best to work with art and animation in the classroom.

Emma Dunmore used Pixton to illustrate the session (Not sure I would go for the outfit!):

This week we’ll aim to tie those thoughts down by developing and presenting a curriculum resource for integrating digital images or animation activities in the classroom.  There are so many ways you could do this. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Paint in the style of a famous artist
  • Make a comic-style page of Roman recipes
  • Produce an animation to illustrate a pivotal historical scene
  • Create an example animation as a story starter
  •  On the iPad combine imagery and text to create a 3 panel visual poem.
  •  Use Comic Life or Strip Designer (iPad) to create a User Manual for a visualiser or other equipment (example 2).
  •  Make a science animation (example).
  •  Create a unit on ‘Artists’ including making a gallery, an iPad art collection and copying styles
  •  Use Pic Collage (iPad) to build a science, maths or literacy visual dictionary, (example).
  •  Turn a photo into a sketch in BeFunky (iPad), paint over in Art Rage and record the technique.  

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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