Personal Information Form 2020-21 – PGCE

Personal Information Form 2020-21 - PGCE

INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR SCHOOL-BASED TRAINING EXPERIENCE - This information is essential for us to allocate placements. Whilst we will do our best to respond to your personal circumstances, the placement of students is a complex exercise involving a range of variables. Our overall concern is to maximise professional competence. Please ensure you complete all sections.

Please list below any schools within a 50 mile radius of Northampton (or your home address if you intend to live at home) with which you have connections through previous experience (family or friends teaching there, your own children attend or a previous placement etc).

PLEASE GIVE THESE DETAILS FOR EACH CONNECTION: Name of School, Location (ie Northampton, Leicester etc), Connection Details, Year Group

Transport Details - The University of Northampton works with schools and settings which may be a considerable distance from your home, this is important to ensure you have a variety of experiences throughout the course. Please could you therefore supply the following information to help us with offering you suitable placements.

Do you hold a current driving licence? *
Do you have your own car? *
Are you willing to car share? *
Are you willing to transport other students? (Please make sure your insurance covers this) *
Are you willing to drive a hire car? (You may be required to pick up other students if you drive a hire car) *
Do you have transport to placement by other means? (for example, partner or family transporting you) *

Please include any other information and/or personal details you would like us to try and take into account when planning placements such as childcare issues etc. If you have declared a SEN/D that may affect your placement, please also include brief information below:

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