From 24th April 2017, it is no longer a responsibility of the University’s Placement team to connect mentors with student’s accounts. Please read this guide to understand the new process.

If you have been working with a student prior to this date, you may still be connected to your student’s workbook in the old way. Scroll to the bottom of this page for details.

How to link

Your student is the person responsible for connecting you with their work. They will do this from their Pebble+ account.

If you need to access to validate their work, you should speak to them and ask them to link you.

You will need to have an active PebblePad account first. If so, give your student your full work email address associated with your PebblePad account.

Students will only grant you access for a designated period of time (a day, a week, a month etc). If you require this be extended, again speak to your student and explain why.

If you login to your PebblePad account and the dashboard is blank, it is because your student has yet to share their work with you. 

  1. Confirm you have an account with them
  2. Tell them your email address
  3. Ask them to share their work with you


Once linked

When your student has linked your account with their workbook, you will see it the next time you login to your account.

The name of the workbook, and the person who has shared it, will be visible (as highlighted). To open the workbook, select the link.

Note: you are no longer required to go into the workspace to access a workbook. This can be done from the dashboard shown above.

Existing links

If you have been working with a student prior to 24th April 2017 you may be linked to your student’s workbook in the old way. To see this, from your dashboard navigate to the workspace. From the submission list you will see your student’s workbook. (This option will be phased out between April – August 2017.)

Shared for assessment / Shared for collaboration

Your students are able to share their workbook with you in two ways. One is correct, the other isn’t.

When you login to PebblePad and arrive onto your dashboard, if your student has shared a workbook it will be listed at the top of the page.

Note the coloured icons:

Shared (in green) is wrong. This will allow you access to view the work but not validate it. A shared asset is intended for collaboration.

Assessment (in blue) is correct. This will allow you to validate work and give comments and feedback.

If the wrong type of access has been given to you by your student, please inform them and ask them to redo.

It must be your student who does this. 


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