Getting Started with PebblePad

PebblePad differs from your other NILE tools. To help you understand these differences before you begin, please read this getting started guide.

Find PebblePad & login

You can login to PebblePad from any internet-connected device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone). If you don’t have a link to the login page, search for ‘PebblePad login’ in any search engine.

 If prompted to choose an organisation, look for ‘The University of Northampton’ from the list. You’ll know it’s the correct login page as you’ll see the University of Northampton’s logo.

As students, your username is always your student number. If you forget your password you can reset it from the login page. Once emailed, check your junk mail folder in case the reset link is there.

Pebble+ & ATLAS

At first, PebblePad can seem a little daunting to know the difference between Pebble+ and ATLAS.

Pebble+ is the creation space where you create your work and fill it in. It’s also where you save your files, known as assets.

ATLAS is the assessment space. Your work must be submitted here for it to be marked by your mentors and tutors. Work can be submitted at the start of a year and worked on throughout as a live link exists between the two.

As you start to use the tool more often you should become more familiar with the terms and know the difference.

Resources & Assets

Resources are blank copies of forms and workbooks. They are mostly provided to you (by your lecturers) but can create your own too. Resources marked as ‘single use’ can only be used once. This happens mostly for workbooks so as not to confuse and complete several copies.

Assets are all of your own files. Where you’ve used a Resource and saved it, this now becomes an asset and is saved to your Asset Store. If helpful, think of assets as ‘my documents’. You can save a variety of file types in your Asset Store – all your PebblePad forms and workbooks, plus upload PDFs, Images, Videos, Word documents and others files.

Pebble+ Dashboard

The Pebble+ Dashboard – or home screen – is where you can access all the tools within PebblePad. It’s worth taking the time to become familiar with each of the areas and what they do so you know how to access your work, share it and read your feedback.

Submitting your work

Everything you do in PebblePad is private. Nobody is able to see any of your assets until it is shared.  You are in control of this.

However, most workbooks provided are set to ‘auto-submit’. This means they’ll be shared instantly to ATLAS to give your assessors access to validate.

Assets attached to a workbook will also become shared. Until this is done they remain private and seen only by you.

Formatting Text

When typing into a workbook or portfolio, you can format the text – make the font larger or smaller, change the colour, link to other assets or websites, and more.

Simply highlight the text you’d like to change and the format bar is shown. Choose from the options to change the appearance.

Now you’re familiar with the basics, read all the guides on how to use PebblePad for your course.