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This section is for Occupational Therapy Practice Educators using ATLAS. Specifically how to validate a student’s workbook. If you’re new to PebblePad, before you begin please read our getting started guide.

Validate a PLATT workbook

Validation can only take place by you as the student’s mentor logging in with your own account. This acts as your digital signature – the student won’t be able to login on your behalf to validate their own work.

You will have access to the student’s work for the duration of the placement. Please make sure all validations and feedback are given within this window. 

Signing off supervision

To validate supervision you will sign-off in a different way than usual. This will be with the student logged into their account, rather than you with yours.

You can sign the sheet with a digital signature (using a mouse or your finger). The form is then locked and cannot be changed. 

More help

If you have other problems using PebblePad, please read our further guides covering everything from logging in to feedback and grades.


Request an external assessor account

For practice supervisors, practice assessors, practice educators, academic assessors and others working with students to validate their work.


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