Getting Started as a mentor


Mentor is the term we use to describe anyone responsible for supporting and assessing a student whilst they are on placement. Within your subject specialism you may have specific names for mentors and different types of mentors. As this website is used by a range of different professionals, we use the word mentor here. Within pebblepad, you are described as an external assessor. You have access to the assessment area of PebblePad. To understand how to use it before you begin, please read this getting started guide.

Get an external assessor account

If you are a mentor and working with a student at the University of Northampton you’re able to request an account to validate work.

New accounts are handled by the University’s Placement team. It can be requested before a student starts – it’s best to get your account set-up in advance rather than wait until a placement is underway.

One account, multiple students

Once you have an account to access PebblePad, this will remain active for you to continually use. You won’t be given a new account for each student you work with. Keep the login credentials safe so you reuse.

If you are working with more than one student simultaniously, it’ll still be the same account you login with.

If you wish to change the email address connected with your PebblePad account, you can. Please don’t request a second account if you already have one.

Find PebblePad & login

You can login to PebblePad from any internet-connected device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone). If you don’t have a link to the login page, search for ‘PebblePad login’ in any search engine.

 If prompted to choose an organisation, look for ‘The University of Northampton’ from the list. You’ll know it’s the correct login page as you’ll see the University of Northampton’s logo.

As mentors your username is always your email address. If you forget your password you can reset it from the login page. Once emailed, check your junk mail folder in case the reset link is there.

ATLAS Dashboard

The ATLAS dashboard is where you access student’s work. As a mentor, you do not have Pebble+ (this is the creation space used by students).

Students are grouped by their cohorts and placed into areas known as workspaces.

– If you are working with two students from the same group they’ll be in the same workspace.

– If you have two students from different courses or years (ie.e first year and third year) you’ll see two different workspaces.

Seeing student’s work

It is now your student’s job to connect you to their workbook (formerly this was a manual processed handled by the Placement team). 

You will need a PebblePad account to allow your student to connect you. It is their responsibility to do this. Please speak to them and provide your full email address. They will need this in the connection process.

Your student specifies how long you are connected. If you lose connection, as your student to extend the link for you.

If you require further help, please see all our external assessor guides.