Mentor Checklist

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Mentor checklist


You can request one by filling in the form. You'll need a work email address and it'll take a few days to process.


Your username is your work email address. Your password is randomly generated to begin with. You can change this later on to something you remember. Please follow this guide on how to request a new password. You don't need to know your original password but you will need to be able to access your work email inbox.


You'll need to reset your password from the login page. You'll be emailed a link to complete the process. Please follow the steps within 24hrs of starting the reset.


Give your student your full email address. They'll need this so they can connect you to their workbook. You can see why on this guide.


Your student is yet to connect you. You'll need to ask them to do this and as soon as they do you'll see their workbook appear on your dashboard. If it was there and now it's disappeared, the link you had expired. Ask your student to reconnect you.


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