When validating as a practice supervisor and practice assessor you must be signed into your own account. You should not share accounts with another practice supervisor or practice assessor or use their account to validate a student’s work. It is important only you use your account and your login credentials are kept secure.


Once you have navigated to a workbook and opened it you will be able to validate its contents. Workbooks have three main areas contained.

Information – pages containing guidance (text, images, videos) for students or assessors to read. These cannot be changed.

Student fields – these areas are controlled by students (with they’re logged into their Pebble+ account). As an assessor, you cannot amend these, only your student can.

Assessor fields – these are areas controlled by assessors (tutors and mentors). You are able to change these to validate work completed by your student. Students are unable to change these (they cannot validate their own work).



Assessor Fields

Areas requiring validation are marked as ‘assessor areas’ (as shown). Check this means it’s for a mentor to sign – some are for tutors (or others) to complete.

Select the validation as required. Before navigating away, or to a different page, scroll to the bottom and save all changes. If this isn’t done on every page, the most recent validations made will be lost.

Capability fields (AKA traffic light approvals for cohorts March17-April 19)

We allow students to self-assess their work as they go, as well as have you as their mentor validate their work.

Students rate themselves using a red/amber/green rating. This can be taken into account when doing your validations but doesn’t technically stop you from validating a student’s work.

As a mentor you cannot change a student’s self-rating – only the student can. These are displayed on the page like so:

Validating a capability field for cohorts March17-April19

Once you are ready to validate a student’s work, you can do so by giving feedback (not to be mistaken for comments).

  • Select the feedback button (as shown) to reveal the sidebar.
  • Add a new approval by selecting the button at the top of the sidebar.
  • Select the appropriate colour of your approval (red, amber or green).
  • Type feedback to your student indicating why you are validating in this way. It helps them to understand.
  • Save and close. Your feedback is sent instantly to your student to read, take on board and comment back (if necessary)


If you need to validate a student more than once – perhaps they received an amber and now you want to give them a green – here’s what to do.

Leave the original (first) validation as-is. This is a record of the student’s learning and subsequent feedback will show progression.

Instead, add a second approval box – repeating the process above to do so. As this second (or third, etc) approval is the most recent, this now overwrites any previous feedback.

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